The hard stone of Verger

The hard stone from Verger is a limestone which does not freeze and is not subjected to any restriction of use.

*Margin of difficulty concerning the cutting of the stone (according to the AFNOR norm)= 10-11: hard stone.

*Impact resistance: from 700 to 1300 Kg/cm2.

*Porosity: 12% that is to say a stone which does not freeze.

*Its tonality: beige, yellow, beige and blue whether veined or speckled.

Click on the stone to get a larger view :

Verger marbré

Verger Beige et Bleu

Verger Beige

*Use: Bases for bridges in rivers, basins, fountains, gutters, gargoyles, kerbs, plinths, pavements, walls and soil covering, inside and outside stairs.
This stone is used under any climate without any limitation of use.

*References: It was used several times in works of Art for the French Railway administrations and also for historic buildings :

-Reconstruction of the « Pont Wilson » in Tours

-« Bassin de Diane » in the « château de Chenonceau »

-Crowns at the top of the walls surrounding the moats in the castle of « Bellegarde

-Cornices on the bridges in Vierzon

-Restoration of works on the canals going through the « Nivernais » and the « Berry »

-Churches in Besançon and Metz

*Supply: sliced, the products are just sawed or definitely cut, they are moulded or turned


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