The half-hard stone of Garchy-Malvaux

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The half hard lime stone from Malvaux-Garchy can be employed for the ground floor or as covering, support, cornice, rebounding or elevation.

*Margin of difficulty concerning the cutting of the stone (according to the AFNOR norm)= 6,5: half-hard stone

*Impact resistance: from 170 to 330 kg/cm2

*Its tonality: white with fine round specks

*Use: for ground floor, frames, stones forming the corner of buildings, chimneys…

Restoration of the facade from the Town Hall and the one of the « Compagnie Préservatrice » in Orléans
Building of the Tourist Office in Clery Saint André in the Loiret county
« La Halle aux Grains » in Blois
Building of the Leisure Centre and restoration of the Town Hall in Selles-sur-Cher
Restoration of the Cathedrales in Nevers, Bourges, Orléans…
In 1948, restoration of every blocks of flats in Rue Royale and Rue Jeanne D’Arc in Orléans
Casino in Vichy
In Saint Etienne, the Munitions Factory
Churches in Briare and Saint Andelain (their steeples are made of stones)
Castles in Sancerre, Verger and especially « le Château du Nozet » in Pouilly-sur-Loire

*Supply : in slices, sawn elements with six fronts or finished goods .

This stone is recommended for moulding or turning of balusters.


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