Sauvanet quarries : the business of a large quarry masters family

Along the river of the Loire, an area well known in France for its vineyards, the Sauvanet family works the stone for now almost 200 years that is to say about 7 generations.

Le nostre attività sono localizzate in due siti :

The quarry of VERGER, situated in the village of Suilly-la-Tour (near Cosne-sur-Loire) was probably opened about the 16th century ­the village had until 150 quarrymen during a certain period. Since 1922, the mass of stone which covers about 40 hectares is exploited on a height of 25 metres whereas beforehand, the surface strata were worked by some craftsmen who used to rent the land by square metre.

Its layers are visible and composed of: coarse-grained rocks for the quarry stone at the surface, stones with tighter grains looking like marble : the speckled Verger then the veined Verger and finally the Lyot layers which are entirely beige or beige-blue.

The quarry of GARCHY-MALVAUX, towards Pouilly-sur-Loire, discovered several centuries ago, was re-exploited in 1948. It must be said that this stone was chosen by the sculptor Pina, who was a brilliant student learning his Art with Rodin in the 1920s.

This quarry exploited on a height of 19 metres, offers two different stones of different quality; both are half-hard and « white-cream » coloured but at the top, you can find the stone of Malvaux whereas the stone of Garchy is harder and horizontally veined.

The company which is made of 18 persons, is currently managed by two dynamic and passionate brothers both named SAUVANET.
A pretty team of young successors is standing out and, in spite of the ephemeral-even if numerous- crazes of fashion and of the economic ups and downs, they are willing to perpetuate this special activity and its know-how as well as the Familial Tradition which is, to them, a value as reliable as stone.

You are invited to visit those sites which are in fact, a combined work between Nature and Men.

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