Some good reasons to choose the stone

Either for the Egyptian Temples, the cathedrales or even the « Châteaux de la Loire », stone asserts its qualities.

Stone is making your image :

If Nature is the mother of stone, it is through men’s actions that stone takes its definite forms, showing itself able to answer different demands.
The fact that it is cut according to very precise measures allows stone to adapt itself to any needs and by getting it personalised, you obviously avoids standardisation.

Hence, Beauty and Originality are at anyone’s level.

Stone inscribes itself in the current quest for authenticity :

Our time is characterised by a return to the basic life, a quest for our roots and stone is the noble material which symbolises the return to the ancestral Tradition, to Nature.

Stone is part of a certain quality of life :

When, at the climax of Summer, stone keeps your house fresh, you also expect it to remain a heat insulator in Winter so as to keep your house warm against the Cold.

Another precious quality concerning stone is that of sound insulation for we increasingly need protection against the more and more frequent and more and more intense assaults of that element.

People working in the Building Industry have succeeded in adapting themselves to the various modern techniques which, thus, enable stone to be a material answering the present need of immediacy in our society.

Stone is a lasting and transmittable material :

A building is not a good of ephemeral consumption. The large inheritance left by the previous generations either in town or in the countryside really proves it.

What about those constructions if light and unreliable material had been used ?

Stone can answer the reproach which is often formulated against it: is stone really an expensive material ?

What is to be asked is if, for a same period of existence, to invest in a construction which will require many upkeeps and will last less than half a century is really a good operation ?

For, a material which does stand the test of time is eventually a guarantee to save money.

It is well-known that a material, when it is a heat insulator one, makes you spend less money to keep your house warm.

To assert that stone is more expensive than other materials would be like comparing what cannot be compared.

Its qualities as well as its aspect ­knowing that for colours, the ground is rich enough to offer a large range of tints- bring to a stone construction a character that no other material can offer.

Its nobility and the luxury that stone guarantees cannot be equalled.

With stone, luxury is within everyone’s pocket.

Besides, in an inquiry towards architects in a BATIMAT exhibition, all of them have recognised the qualities of stone; yet, they need to be informed, stimulated and accompanied in their process concerning a material such as stone.

Moreover, you should try and get some information towards your tax collection office for you can get from 15 % to 20 % out of your bill for the works you make in your main house concerning coverings, replacement of paving stones or balustrades, for heat insulator or sound insulation.

Consequently, to choose Stone is synonymous with living peacefully, building for a long time while thinking equally about Present as well as Past and Future.

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