During thousands years and in any great civilisation, the STONE – which was then only a raw product just extracted from the soil- was the major material among those which were meant for the construction of lasting buildings.
France is the country in Europe which is the richest as for the deposits ; whether concerning the number of quarries which are exploited or for the variety of extracted stones, their aspect and their possible use.
We must notice that only the quarries whose materials are of good quality have really stood the test of time and have been able to live on until nowadays.

Now the stones are known and listed on all official documents for people working in the building industry.
Their mechanical characteristics as well as their ability of use have been sanctioned by the Building Industry and the Civil Engineering laboratories.
The stone used in construction are defined according to several criteria: their Visible volumic body , their impact resistance, their porosity, their sound propagation speed…all this according to the AFNOR French norms.
Owing to our various qualities of stones which are perfectly complementary, we are able to realise any work with stones related to building as well as for new constructions than for works of restoration concerning the quarry stones, the covering of walls or soil, by cutting or turning.

Choose a quarry :

* Verger
* Garchy-Malvaux

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