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  • The hard stone of Verger

    The hard stone from Verger is a limestone which does not freeze and is not subjected to any restriction of use. *Margin of difficulty concerning the cutting of the stone (according to the AFNOR norm)= 10-11: hard stone. *Impact resistance: from 700 to 1300 Kg/cm2. *Porosity: 12% that is to say a stone which does… Lire la suite »

  • The half-hard stone of Garchy-Malvaux

    Click on the stone to get a larger view : Garchy The half hard lime stone from Malvaux-Garchy can be employed for the ground floor or as covering, support, cornice, rebounding or elevation. *Margin of difficulty concerning the cutting of the stone (according to the AFNOR norm)= 6,5: half-hard stone *Impact resistance: from 170 to… Lire la suite »

  • Characteristics

    During thousands years and in any great civilisation, the STONE – which was then only a raw product just extracted from the soil- was the major material among those which were meant for the construction of lasting buildings. France is the country in Europe which is the richest as for the deposits ; whether concerning… Lire la suite »

  • Historical background

    En 1804, Léonard SAUVANET, maçon venu de la Creuse et Compagnon du Tour de France, s’installe dans la Nièvre et devient tailleur de pierre. Il se marie en 1817 à Suilly La Tour. Et c’est en 1848, que son fils Etienne Sauvanet, tailleur de pierre, plante un calvaire sur la place du village de Champcelée… Lire la suite »

  • Sauvanet quarries : the business of a large quarry masters family

    Along the river of the Loire, an area well known in France for its vineyards, the Sauvanet family works the stone for now almost 200 years that is to say about 7 generations. Le nostre attività sono localizzate in due siti : The quarry of VERGER, situated in the village of Suilly-la-Tour (near Cosne-sur-Loire) was… Lire la suite »

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